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Most institutions and individuals worldwide face the risk of fire. The are two main causes of fire,; accidents and deliberately by individuals. Electricity is the most common cause of fire nowadays. Open electric circuits, electricity surges and overloading of sockets are the major electrical faults that cause fire. Because of the major losses that fire causes when they occur, most institutions and governments are putting in a lot of measures to mitigate the probability of occurrence of fire. Setting fire extinguishers in every building, fire assembly points and emergency exits in every building are some of the several measures that have been put in place by several government agencies.
Recently, there is a lot of invention in the fire extinguishing industry. with the aim of reducing the occurrence of fire, several companies are coming up with different products. Companies are coming up with environmentally friendly and portable products to ease the rate at which they can be moved when fighting fire due to competition in the industry. One of the products that are available in the market is the Cold fire tactical extinguisher. This is a modern chemical extinguisher which is friendly to the environment and uses the latest technology to fight fires. The name Cold fire has been found because of its ability to remove heat from the objects that it gets in contact with. Cold fire removes heat and hydro carbon fuels from fire thereby removing heat within the shortest time possible. Cold fire tactical extinguisher has been widely used by military, police and fire fighters because of its superiority in fighting fire.
The characteristics of cold fire extinguishers are; non- toxicity and biodegradable. Cold fire can extinguish fire from different objects such as grass, cars, tires, gases, diesel, and metals. A number of benefits can be achieved through the use of cold fires. These benefits include; Cold fire can suppress fire within the shortest time possible. By removing heat and hydrocarbon fuels from fire, cold fire can distinguish fire within the shortest time possible. Massive losses of lives and property can be avoided by institutions because of the fastness at which cold fire can extinguish fire.
Non-toxicity is another benefit of using cold fire. Fire victims, the police and fire fighters can benefit from cold fire because of its non-toxicity. Lives of fire victims can be saved by cold fire because they are non-corrosive and can directly be sprayed to fire victims without harming them. The above benefits have made various fire fighting departments and police departments to use cold fire extinguishers.