Used Steel Tubing Makes Great Looking Horse or Cattle Pens With Few Maintenance Needs

Farmers and ranchers will spend a lot of their time and money maintaining their fences. This is, after all, how their investment is protected. When animals are not properly contained they can become hurt or killed, trample property and become a serious problem for the neighborhood. Making certain they remain where they are supposed to be means finding materials strong enough to withstand the abuse of large farm animals.

When people think about buying the best for their farm or ranch they may not consider purchasing something that is secondhand. In this instance, this will not only provide the strongest fence but one of the most cost effective options as well. A fence made from used steel tubing makes great looking horse or cattle pens. It is a material that is readily available because oil companies are consistently updating and replacing their pipes. It is useful for large ranches and backyard farmers with only a couple of animals.

  • It is affordable because it is material no longer suitable for its original purpose despite still being in excellent condition.
  • The tubes are made from a heavy-duty steel that is nearly impossible for an animal to bend or break.
  • When properly cleaned and welded together to prevent water or ice from filling the pipes it will last for decades and possibly longer.
  • It will not warp or rot no matter how rainy or snowy the weather is or how the temperatures fluctuate from day to day.
  • A fresh coat of paint every few years will help to keep the fence looking like new.
  • It is an environmentally smart option that uses secondhand materials and is still able to be recycled when no longer usable as fencing.

Steel tube fencing is available in many sizes and supplies generally offer new and used materials to their customers. This makes it very easy to get everything necessary for a fence of any height or any size of grazing field or pen design. Most ranchers will discover they have very little maintenance time invested in their fence after the initial installation is complete. This makes it much easier to dedicate their limited time to more profitable endeavors.